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theLotter Kenya allows you to play the biggest online lottery games from the comfort of your home, wherever you are on the planet. World leader in the online lottery industry, we have been offering our online lotto ticket services since 2002.

How to Win with Online Lottery?

You should know that when you play on theLotter Kenya, all prizes are commission-free! When you win a small prize, all credits are directly transferred while when winning big, you may have to claim the prizes yourself. Don't worry, we will help you all the way!

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All transactions (being payment or money withdrawals) made on theLotter Kenya are protected by GeoTrust 128-bit SSL security layer. Our customer support agents will promptly answer all of your question and offer you support, available 24/7.

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When You Play Online Lottery

When you play the lotto online on theLotter Kenya, you get many great options! But, mostly, you get the possibility to participate to the best lottery games online such as the US Powerball, or the European EuroMillions!

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theLotter is the world leader in the online lottery industry. We have been offering our online lotto ticket services since 2002. theLotter Kenya allows you to play the biggest lotteries online from home, wherever you are!

Major World Lotteries Jackpots

When playing major world lotteries online, you get a chance to win some incredible amounts offered by some of the most interesting lotto games! The Mega Millions offered $2.04 Billion in 2022 for instance...

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