The Ultimate Guide to Australian Lotteries!

We all dream of winning the popular American lotteries and taking home one of their huge lottery jackpots. It is true that both the US Powerball jackpots and the Mega Millions jackpots are record-breaking, but your chance of winning them is equally steep. There are other, less popular lotteries that offer attractive jackpots and have significantly better winning odds.

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Australian lotteries come with some amazing odds of winning, so we’ve created a full guide dedicated to the games from Down Under. Take the time to discover these cool lotto games and note that all Australian lotteries offer their prizes tax-free!

1. Best Odds

7. Oz Lotto

2. Easiest to Win

8. Monday Lotto

3. Biggest Jackpots

9. Wednesday Lotto

4. Tax-free

10. Saturday Lotto

5. Foreigners Can Win

11. Special Draws

6. Australia Powerball

12. More AU Lotteries

Which Australian Lottery Offers the Best Odds?

Australian lotteries offer quite high odds and attractive first prizes, successfully mixing rollovers and wins. Everything is exciting and fun when you play these Australian lotto games. Check out the jackpot odds, play format and draw days for the main lotteries in Australia. In our table below, you will be able to see that the Monday Lotto, the Wednesday Lotto & the Saturday Lotto all offer the best odds from Australian lotteries.

Lotto Draws   Format  Jackpot Odds

Monday Lotto




Oz Lotto




Wednesday Lotto




Powerball Lotto


7/35 + 1/20


Saturday Lotto




To fully understand how great these odds are, we recommend comparing them to the odds of winning various lottery jackpots from around the world.

Which Lottery Is the Easiest to Win In Australia?

Well, easiest to win means the one with the best odds, so the Monday Lotto, Wednesday Lotto or the Saturday Lotto are the easiest Australian lotteries to play & win. They have even better odds than the Australian Powerball or the Oz Lotto but note that all Australian lotteries offer quite interesting odds.

Which Australian Lottery Offers the Biggest Jackpots?

We have already established that Australian jackpots are not as big as those from the US or European lotteries, but you shouldn’t be discouraged. The fact that your odds of winning are much more achievable should be reason enough to play the Aussie games!

Australian jackpots are still attractive, and they reached some amazing heights throughout the years, so you can’t overlook them. In the table we prepared you below, you can see the biggest Australian jackpots awarded:

  Place  Jackpot Lottery Date




19 Sep 2019



Oz Lotto

6 Nov 2012




18 Jul 2019




17 Jan 2019



Oz Lotto

30 Jun 2009




16 Aug 2018

The Australian Powerball currently holds the title for the highest lottery prize awarded in Australia. Three lucky players split the historic record-breaking AU$150 Million jackpot from the September 19, 2019 draw. Australia Powerball also awarded the biggest win to a single ticket holder with its AU$107,575,649 jackpot won on January 17, 2019.

Oz Lotto offered the second largest Australian lottery prize on November 6, 2012. The prize was initially advertised at AU$100 Million but it grew thanks to ticket sales. It eventually reached an amazing AU$111,972,151 when it was scooped by four ticket holders.

Is lottery Taxed In Australia?

No, lottery winnings are tax-free in Australia! This is due to the fact that the ATO considers money gained from gambling activities as a result of good luck and, therefore, cannot be considered an income.

Can Foreigners Win an Australian lottery?

Yes! Foreigners can participate & win at Australian lotteries, but:

  • To legally participate to Australian lotteries, the lottery tickets need to be bought on Australian soil, at an official retailer.

  • The tickets must not leave Australian soil until the draws take place.

  • The good news is that you don’t have to be an Australian resident to win an Australian lottery.

This means that you can be a foreigner or a tourist. However, if you want to play regularly, it may be a bit complicated. This is why you can try your luck on theLotter Kenya, a safe and legit service of lottery messengers.

Our lottery messengers are local agents that buy the lottery tickets of your choice, on your behalf, from official retailers. We then send you a proof of purchase on your private account while locking the real tickets in a safe.

Which Australian Lotteries Can You Participate To On theLotter Kenya?

You can get your lottery ticket online to 5 Australian lotteries on theLotter Kenya. Here is the list of Aussie lotteries we offer with details on each so that you can make an informed choice about which one should be the lucky one for you.

🔴 Australia Powerball Lotto

Australia Powerball, one of the biggest lotteries from Down Under, holds its draw on Thursday. The Australian Powerball's highest jackpot reached an incredible AU$150 Million & it was shared by 3 lucky winners on September 19, 2019. Each took home a share of AU$50 Million. This is the biggest Australian jackpot ever awarded, all Aussie lotteries combined.

Powerball Australia also holds the record for the largest lotto prize ever awarded to a single ticket. This lottery offered a prize of AU$107,575,649 in January 2019, with only one ticket matching all the numbers.

The Australia Powerball offers a chance in 134.4 Milllion to scoop the Jackpot but also 1 chance in 44 to win one of the 9 prizes. This is way better than the odds you get when you play the US Powerball: you have a chance in 292 Million to scoop the first prize!

We are proud of one of our online players, Australian R.D. who played Powerball in May 2013 and won the third prize worth AU$6,427!

How Is Australia Powerball Lotto Played?

To play Australia Powerball, you need to choose 7 numbers out of 35, as well as a bonus Powerball from a guess range of 1 to 20. This lottery offers a total of nine prize divisions. The jackpot starts at AU$3 Million and there is no rollover cap in place. After it reaches AU$10 Million, every rollover brings at least another AU$10 Million, so the prizes in this lottery can reach incredible heights! 

Powerball Lotto draws are held on Thursday, at 20:30 local time - 12:30, the next day in Kenya.

You can always check the Australia Powerball results on our platform, shortly after the draws took place or directly subscribe to our Free Alerts Service as to receive them by SMS or email.


🔵 Australia Oz Lotto

On Tuesdays, Australians line up for a chance to win the Oz Lotto. This lottery has a record of AU$111,972,151 that was set in November 2012. Four lucky winners shared this prize.

The first draw of the Oz Lotto took place in 1994 but the game format it uses today was only introduced on May 17, 2022.

How Is Oz Lotto Played?

To play Australia's Oz Lotto you have to choose seven numbers from 1 to 47. Just like the Monday Lotto, Oz Lotto includes three bonus balls, extracted from the same drum. The two additional balls help determine some of the secondary prizes you can win if you don't match all the numbers!

Oz Lotto draws take place on Tuesday at 20:30 local time - 12:30 the next day in Kenya.

The Oz Lotto results are made available on theLotter Kenya shortly after the draws.

🔸 Australia Monday Lotto

The first Australian lottery draw of the week takes place on Monday nights. You can get your tickets online and participate in the next draw.

Basically, with the Monday Lotto, you get a chance every Monday to become a millionaire by scooping the jackpot worth AU$ 1 Million! Your odds: one in 8,135,060. Doesn't that sound amazing?!

How Is Monday Lotto Played?

Australia's Monday Lotto has a traditional 6/45 format and a set of two bonus balls included in every draw and used to determine secondary prizes. Monday Lotto has a guaranteed fixed jackpot of AU$1 Million per winner, awarded to up to four winners, in each draw! If there are more than four winners in the first division, the total of AU$4 Million prize pool is split equally between these winners.

Monday Lotto draws are held on Monday, at 20:30 local time - 12:30 the next day in Kenya.

You can check the Monday Lotto results, shortly after the official draws took place, on our platform.

🔹 Australia Wednesday Lotto

Wednesday nights are dedicated to the Australia Wednesday Lotto, a game that boasts a record jackpot of AU$6 Million, set in January 2009. After a few official rules were changed in 2012, Wednesday Lotto offers a guaranteed, fixed Division 1 prize of AU$1 Million per winner, up to four winners each draw.

In case there are more than four winners, the AU$4 Million prize pool is shared among them.

How to Play Wednesday Lotto?

The Australian Wednesday Lotto also follows the standard 6/45 format. Similar to many lotteries from Down Under, two additional balls are drawn from the same barrel to determine prizes in four of the six secondary prize divisions.

Wednesday Lotto draws take place on Wednesday, at 20:30 local time - 12:30 the next day in Kenya.

Soon after the draws, you can check the Wednesday Lotto results online on theLotter Kenya.

🔸 Australia Saturday Lotto

You have a chance to buy tickets for the next Saturday Lotto draw online on theLotter Kenya! This lottery is reknown for its great jackpot starting at AU$5 Million and is an Aussie game not to neglect - you get great odds to scoop a pretty exciting prize!

The starting jackpot of this Australian lottery is of AU$5 Million and it is usually shared by few winners. The current record for this lottery stands at an amazing AU$47.9 Million, set in a Superdraw in April 2008.

One of our online players won big with Saturday Lotto. In January 2013, O.S. from Russia won the second prize worth US $11,061. He had been playing on theLotter Kenya for less than a year when he guessed the five numbers and the additional number in the draw. This made me enter our Hall of Fame of lottery winners.

How Is Saturday Lotto Played?

To play Saturday Lotto you simply select six numbers from a guess range of 1 to 45. Saturday Lotto Superdraws and Megadraws use the same format.

Saturday Lotto draws take place on Saturdays at 20:30 local time, 12:30 following day in Kenya.

Find the Saturday Lotto Results shortly after the official draws on theLotter Kenya.

Special Australia Lotto Draws

In addition to regular draws, the Australian National Lottery also offers Superdraws on special occasions throughout the year! These fantastic draws offer boosted jackpots and secondary prizes at no additional cost! Find out how you can participate in these exciting special draws when playing Australia's Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday Lotto!

Saturday Lotto Superdraw

The Superdraws are held by the Australia Saturday Lotto seven times per year. Each draw comes with a starting guaranteed jackpot of around AU$20 Million, attracting millions of players.

You shouldn’t miss the next Superdraw! Buy your Saturday Lotto Superdraw tickets now to make sure you participate in the upcoming event.

Once per year, Saturday Lotto organizes another unique event, the Megadraw that has an even bigger prize pool. The Megadraw is held around Christmas and New Year's and it boasts a staggering AU$30 Million jackpot prize!

Although the Saturday Lotto Superdraws and Saturday Lotto Megadraws do not have caps, their main prizes are usually shared between many winning tickets. Usually there are around 14 first-prize winners in each Superdraw. The most winners to share a Megadraw jackpot was an amazing 54!

Monday & Wednesday Lotto - Cashcade Celebrations

The special Cashcade draws are staged throughout the year on selected dates! This celebratory event comes with boosted prizes in the secondary tiers. If there is a jackpot rollover during Cashcade promotions, the main prize will automatically roll down and be shared by winners of Divisions 2 through 6. Winners will not only receive the regular division prize, but also a share of the draw’s AU$1 Million jackpot! Fascinating!

Monday & Wednesday Lotto - Double Your Win

Double Your Win draws automatically double all Monday Lotto and Wednesday Lotto secondary prizes during the set promotional period. Double Your Win is organized on special occasions throughout the year, so you need to keep an eye open for the special events.

Bonus : More Australian Lotteries

For now these Australian lotteries are not available on theLotter Kenya, however, they are still very interesting Aussie games you should know about. As they are having a very special format, we thought it was best to include them in our list. Here it goes:

TattsLotto : This lottery, just as the Saturday Lotto, offers a draw, every week on Saturday. The starting jackpot is of $4 Million and can roll over until it will be scooped by one or more plaers. It also offers Super Draws & is one of players' favorites. Partly due to its amazing jackpots!

To win at the TattsLotto, you need to guess the 6 main numbers between 1 & 45. Your odds are of 1 out of 8,145,060 to scoop the jackpot, which is pretty good!

Set For Life : Set For Life means exactly what its name stands for! It offers a chance to scoop AUS$20,000, every month, for 20 years!!! That is not all: draws are taking place EVERY DAY! There are 8 prize categories overall but everyone's dream is to scoop that fascinating & unique first prize!

To become one the lucky winners to get Set For Life, you have to guess right all 5 main numbers between 1 and 47 as well as the additonal number called the Life Ball Number, between 1 and 10. You stand a chance in 38,608,020 to change your life with this Australian lottery.

Play Australian Lottery Games Online at theLotter Kenya

Australian lotteries are the full package! Great chances of winning, amazing secondary prizes, seven Superdraws each year, and no taxes on your winnings. We think we managed to convince you why they deserve your attention, since you could win a fantastic prize.

Get your tickets to the Monday Lotto, the Wednesday Lotto, the Oz Lotto, the Saturday Lotto, and the Australia Powerball, and you could be the next jackpot winner! If you like these cool Australian lotteries, you should also test the neighboring New Zealand Powerball!

Before going, let us know which is your favorite Australian lottery right below: