Top 7 Largest US Powerball Jackpots in History

The US Powerball is the most popular lottery in the world and for good reason! The jackpots offered by this major American lotto are unmatched and that is why players from every corner of the world dream about scoring big with the US Powerball.

To help you get a clear idea of how much these prizes can grow, we have compiled a list of the top 7 largest US Powerball jackpots of all time. The stories below will certainly impress you and might inspire you to start playing this major lottery!

1. $2.04 Billion

5. $731.1 Million

2. $1.58 Billion

6. $699.8 Million

3. $768 Million

7. $687.8 Million

4. $758 Million

8. Largest US Powerball Jackpots FAQs

1. $2.04 Billion scooped in 2022

November 7, 2022 brought a new world record of the biggest lottery jackpot ever offered! Only one single ticket matched all the winning numbers 10-33-41-47-56/10 and, therefore, scooped $2.04 Billion!

No lottery, anywhere in the world has before offered a jackpot that reached $2 Billion and the winner has yet to come forward.

This lucky winner is the only one to have guessed all numbers including the Powerball number but 23 players guessed the 5 main numbers. This means they won $1 Million. One of these players even had selected the Power Play option when he purchased his ticket, which means he saw his prize double to $2 Million.

2. $1.58 Billion scooped in 2016

On January 13, 2016, the US Powerball made history with an amazing jackpot! At the time, everybody was talking about the US Powerball as it offered the biggest jackpot ever awarded by a lottery!!! Boasting a jackpot of $1.58 Billion, that draw attracted not only American players, but also people from all over the world who wanted a chance of winning such a big prize. Millions of people bought and submitted tickets dreaming about what to do with over a billion dollars!

After the historic draw ended, three tickets (one from Tennessee, one from Florida and one from California) matched the winning numbers, making them eligible for a share of the $1.58 Billion prize. The first ticket holders to come forward were Lisa and John Robinson from Tennessee who basked in the spotlight and appeared on NBC’s Today Show before collecting the prize.

They shared their amazing story with the world on live television before beginning the prize collection process. Their ticket worth a staggering $528.8 Million was a Quick Pick that John bought from a local store. The couple chose the one lump-sum payment, taking home a total of $327.8 Million. As you can see, it doesn’t take much for luck to strike and turn people into millionaires overnight.

Although the Robinsons seemed to enjoy fame at first, they eventually decided to maintain their privacy after their media debut. In the beginning they said they wanted to continue going to work and living in the same 3-bedroom house in Munford. After about six months they reconsidered their plan and moved into a 10-bedroom mansion worth $6.2 Million which comes with a private lake.

David Kaltschmidt and Maureen Smith

The next winners to came forward were another couple: David Kaltschmidt and Maureen Smith from Melbourne Beach in Florida. When they collected their prize, they did it as the Nickel 95 Trust and chose the lump cash payment worth $327.8 Million. They also purchased the winning ticket at their local supermarket.

David and Maureen were both taken aback by their luck, and they didn’t even tell their family until finally starting the prize collection process. They got in contact with a lawyer for advice and they took their time to decide what to do with their new-found fortune. The couple realized that many opportunities were becoming available to them and they managed to stay humble and stick to their regular lifestyle even after such a big win.

“It’s going to change my day-to-day life. Instead of designing airplanes, I’m going to be doing, you know, charities and tax strategies and investments,” said David Kaltschmidt.

The holders of the last winning ticket from the January 2016 draw took a long time to come forward and claim their prize. Marvin and Mae Acosta came forward in late July. They wanted to first consult legal and financial specialists as to establish all the details before taking home the prize. As the other winners, the Acostas also chose the cash payout for their significant lotto win.

Because the official lottery rules state that winners can’t remain anonymous, their names were made public, but the Acostas wanted other personal details to remain private. They intended to use their Powerball jackpot to create a trust and support various charities.

"We are thankful and blessed for the rare gift that has been placed in our care,'' the Acostas declared.

3. $768 Million scooped in 2019

The beginning of the year 2019 came with another amazing Powerball jackpot worth $768 Million. This amount was reached after a few months without a win, a streak of rollovers that eventually ended on March 27. A ticket bought in Wisconsin matched all the 5 main numbers and the Powerball broke another record being the third largest jackpot in the history of US lottery back then!

Additionally, this was the second biggest lottery win on a single ticket, making the ticket holder Powerball royalty. 24-year old Manuel Franco eventually came forward to claim his prize and declared that he had been playing the lottery since he was 18 and he was convinced that his lucky day would come. 

Manuel Franco

The lucky winner chose the lump sum payout of $477 Million which amounts to $326 Million after taxes. The young man spent $10 on his Powerball tickets which he purchased from a Speedway store and that was enough to change his life. Franco has a team of financial advisors helping him manage his fortune and he planned to enjoy a regular lifestyle after his amazing win.

“I’m sure you’ll never see me as like one of the people who went bankrupt or broke or anything like that. I plan to live my life normal as much as possible”, said Manuel Franco.

4. $758 Million scooped in 2017

The US Powerball set yet another record in 2017. The biggest American lottery offered a jackpot worth $758 Million which was won by Mavis Wanczyk from Massachusetts. She became the winner of the third biggest jackpot awarded to a single ticket holder.

Mavis is a 53-year-old mother of two who lived a simple, quiet life with her family. She has been working in healthcare for 32 years and was planning to continue the same path until retirement. All her plans changed when she beat the Powerball odds of 1 in 292,201,338 and won $758 Million jackpot.

After her amazing win, Mavis got the chance to make plans that she could only dream of before. Her first decision was to quit her day job at the Mercy Medical Center. She simply called and explained that she was not coming back. Mavis wanted to take her time and relax before starting her new lottery-winner life.

“I had a pipe dream and my pipe dream has finally come true," said Mavis Wanczyk.

She opted for the lump payment for her Powerball win, which amounted to $480.5 Million before taxes. Even after paying due state taxes, Mavis still had an enormous fortune. After going public to claim her prize, her name appeared everywhere, but she decided to stay out of the spotlight ever since and enjoy her fortune privately.

5. $731.1 Million scooped in 2021

On January 15, 2021, a gorgeous jackpot worth $731.1 Million was scooped by a single ticket! A lucky player from Maryland won the first jackpot of 2021 and the 4th largest US Powerball jackpot ever! The big jackpot was growing since mid-september as no one scooped it earlier; this is how it reached such an amazing amount!

6. $699.8 Million scooped in 2021

2021 gave us a second amazing jackpot to enter the top 5 Powerball jackpots of all times: on Monday, October 4. This lucky player bought his ticket in California, at Albertsons grocery store in Morro Bay near San Louis Obispo. He scooped the tidy amount of $ 699.8 Million (Cash option: $496 Million)!

You should know that this jackpot is the 7th largest American jackpot, to date! It had been rolling over since June 5, 2021...

7. $687.8 Million scooped in 2018

October 2018 brought another US Powerball rollover streak. When the first prize reached $687.8 million, everybody started dreaming about scooping the huge pot. In the October 27 draw, two lucky lottery players; one from Iowa and one from New York; matched all the main numbers and the Powerball and shared the jackpot.

Lerynne West

Lerynne West from Redfield, Iowa was the first to come forward and claim her prize. She opted for the lump sum payout method and took home $198.1 Million, a considerable amount. Lerynne wants to share her amazing luck with her extended family and also help those in need. She set up a foundation to honor her grandson, Callum, who passed away shortly after birth.

The second Powerball winner is 67-year-old Robert Bailey, from Manhattan, New York. The retired federal employee explained that he has been playing the lottery for over 25 years with the same lucky numbers. Funnily enough, Mr. Bailey bought his winning ticket from a local deli in Harlem after getting in just to stay out of the rain.

Robert Bailey

Bailey plans to take his time and enjoy his new-found fortune with his family and friends. He plans to buy his mother a new house and invest his money intelligently in order to provide for his family for the following years. Moreover, he declared that he will continue to play the lottery with his lucky numbers!

Largest US Powerball Jackpots FAQs

Here are few answers to the most frequently asked questions about the largest US Powerball jackpots:

  • What is the largest lottery US Powerball jackpot in history?

    The largest US Powerball jackpot was scooped on November 7, 2022 as it had reached $2.04 Billion! One single Powerball ticket won this amazing amount.

  • Who won the largest US Powerball jackpot?

    1 single winning ticket scooped the largest US Powerball jackpot worth $2.04 Billion! The lucky winner did not come forward to claim his prize yet.

  • When was the largest Powerball jackpot scooped?

    The largest US Powerball jackpot ever, amounting to $2.04 Billion was scooped on Nov. 7, 2022 by 1 winning ticket.

  • How many tickets scooped the largest Powerball jackpot ever?

    The largest Powerball jackpot in history was won by one single ticket purchased in California on November 7, 2022.

  • Where was the winning ticket sold for the largest US Powerball jackpot in history?

    The largest US Powerball jackpot reached $2.04 Billion. It was won by a single winning ticket from California.

  • Is it true that the 5 largest US Powerball jackpots ever scooped all exceed $500 Million (or half a billion $)?

    Yes, the 5 biggest jackpots scooped at the US Powerball all exceed half a billion dollars, to even reach 2 billion dollars!

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