E.L. the Kenyan Powerball Winner!

E.L. is a thirty-five-year-old Kenyan who believed in his dream of winning the lottery. He is an analyst for the Kenyan government who scooped the third US Powerball prize worth $50,000, back in 2016. He got lucky on April 20, 2016 after playing online on theLotter Kenya. E.L. is married and has two children; his passions include sports, betting, swimming and playing rugby.

He had been participating to various lotteries since 2009 after trying the US Powerball lottery for the first time during a family trip to the United States. He wasn’t aware that you can play popular American lotteries online as he hadn’t heard about theLotter Kenya before he started to research the subject.

"I was fascinated with the Powerball jackpot and it forced me to do some research on the possibilities of being able to play lotteries like the US Powerball online from Kenya." he explained.

Luckily E.L. came across theLotter which allowed him to play Powerball legally, from his home, in Kenya.

Mesmerized by January's $1.6 Billion Powerball Record Prize

Kenya man win Powerball prize in US

E.L. was also attracted by January's record $1.6 Billion Powerball jackpot. He was following as the jackpot grew every draw, dreaming about what he could accomplish with such an amazing cash prize. His favorite lotteries to play remain the Powerball and the US Mega Millions because these were the first lotto games he would play on his trips to the United States.

What Were the Winning Numbers Of the Kenyan Powerball Winner?

E.L. guessed 4 out of the five main numbers (15-25-52-62) as well as the Powerball number (08) during the draw of April 20, 2016. This got him the third prize of the Powerball lottery worth $50,000. If he had guessed right just one more number, he would have won the Jackpot worth $227 Million!

Below, you can see the winning numbers of that amazing draw as well as E.L.’s winning ticket:

    • 12253052628

E.L.'s winning Powerball ticket:

Winning Powerball ticket

What Is the Kenyan Powerball Winner's Secret to Scoring?

E.L.’s winning strategy is simple and clear:

'I have a set of predetermined numbers that I always play, on rotation, irrespective of the lottery I am choosing. I simply keep repeating the same numbers over and over."

E.L. also enjoys playing with a syndicate because he gets to purchase more lottery tickets at a fraction of the cost. They come with guaranteed better winning odds, and he can share the pleasure of playing with other lotto players.

Before his major $50,000 win, E.L. also won $100 by playing US Mega Millions. His advice for fellow online lottery players is to just keep playing because in the end the effort pays off as it did for him. He had planned on buying a new car to replace the one he had recently sold, and his prize had come just in the nick of time to help him finance this purchase.

E.L.’s determination and passion for playing the biggest lottery proved essential. He quickly realised that to win huge lottery prizes, he needed to play online and aim for the biggest draws in the world. If he only played local lotteries like the South Africa Lotto he wouldn’t have won such a grand prize. Congratulations to the lucky winner!