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Which Lottery Has the Best Lottery Odds?

Here's everything you wanted to know about your odds of winning various global lotteries. Learn about the difference between jackpot odds and lottery odds and discover which lottery is right for you.

How theLotter is Safe - Not a Scam!

If you are not familiar with theLotter Kenya, you may have doubts about how legit and legal our platform is and how we operate. See why theLotter is NOT a scam and it allows you to play major lotteries!

Which Is the Best / Easiest Lottery to Play?

Which lottery should you play? What is the easiest lottery to win and how is this established? Get all the information you need to decide which lotto game can help you realize your dream of becoming rich!

American Lotteries

Discover the fascinating world surrounding the American lotteries. Everyone heard about the US Powerball world-record of the biggest jackpot when it reached $2.04 Billion. It was all over the news and for good reason. Its direct competitor, the Mega Millions is right being with a record jackpot of $1.53 Billion.
However, there is more about these lotteries than meets the eyes. Find out all the lottery stories, tips & tricks of the best American games right below:

Ultimate Guide to Winning the US Powerball

The American Powerball is the most popular lottery game in the world, a title it has held ever since its record-breaking $2.04 billion jackpot from 2022. Discover the odds of winning and how to boost them by playing online!

Kenyan Wins Third Prize in US Powerball!

E.L. is a thirty-five-year-old Kenyan who believed in his dream of winning the lottery. He is an analyst for the Kenyan government, and he won the third US Powerball prize. See his story and get inspired, you could be next!

Ultimate Guide to the Mega Millions Lottery

Before you participate in this great lottery and fight for a chance to become the Mega Millions jackpot winner, take a moment to read our Mega Millions guide. You will learn everything you need about the rules and its fantastic history!

The Power Play Feature in the US Powerball

Learn everything about how Power Play works and how you can add it to your US Powerball entry. Your prizes could increase even by 10 times with this multiplier! Make sure you take this feature into account.

American Lotteries: Top 5 You Should Play!

You will want to play these lotteries! American lotteries are the most popular and millions of players all around the world dream of scooping one of their major jackpots. Find the right one for you!

What is the Mega Millions Megaplier?

The Megaplier is a feature offered by the Mega Millions lottery and it can significantly multiply secondary prize divisions. Adding it to your ticket will cost you extra, but your investment is totally worth it!

The Biggest Powerball Jackpots of All Time

Lottery winners make the news for their enormous prizes and how they spend their new wealth. Three national lotteries surveyed thousands of winners to learn about the luxury cars they buy.

What Are the Odds of Winning Powerball?

Here's everything you wanted to know about your odds of the most popular lottery in the world. Learn about the difference between jackpot odds and overall lottery odds and discover how you can improve your chances!

Top Mega Millions Jackpots of All Times

Let’s check out the stories of the 6 biggest Mega Millions jackpot winners to get all the inspiration you need before starting your own lotto adventure!

How Much Does a Powerball Ticket Cost?

Here's a breakdown of all you need to know when you're paying for your next Powerball ticket. From purchasing tickets online, how you can save big when you play to where your ticket money really goes- it's all in here!

The Odds of Winning Mega Millions

Here's everything you wanted to know about your odds of winning the Mega Millions. Learn about the difference between jackpot odds and overall lottery odds and discover how you can improve your odds!

How Much Does a Mega Millions Ticket Cost?

A Mega Millions ticket costs $2 for each line played, and $1 more per line if it has the Megaplier added. See how much you will pay when you purchase your ticket online on theLotter Kenya, right here!

Play Powerball Legally

Seeing the giant jackpots that the US Powerball offers us, it is normal to wonder if you can play too… This article presents you how to play Powerball legally from Kenya.

Worldwide Lotteries

The lottery world doesn’t stop at American lottos eventhough they offered the biggest jackpots to date. Many other lotteries offer better odds, more advantages, jaw-dropping jackpots. Come discover the best lottery stories of South African lotteries, Aussie games or daily lotteries from the 4 corners of the world.

South African Lotteries

You can choose from three South African lotteries you can safely play online. Take a look at our South Africa lotto guide for details on draw dates, tax information, and odds of winning.

Exciting Daily Lotteries

There are some smaller lotteries that offer attractive odds of winning and generous prizes and hold their draws daily. Read our extensive list of daily lotteries and pick the right one for you!

Top Australian Lotteries

Australian lotteries come with some amazing odds of winning, so we’ve created a full guide dedicated to the games from Down Under. Note that all Australian lotteries offer their prizes tax-free. Find out more!