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Play Austria EuroMillions Online

How to Play Austria EuroMillions Online

How to Play Austria EuroMillions Online?

You can easily play the Austria EuroMillions lottery online, by choosing five main numbers from a range of 1 to 50 and two Lucky Stars from 1 to 12. On, you get the option of manually selecting your lucky numbers or choose the Quick Pick feature that automatically generates your set of random numbers.

An amazing way to play Austria EuroMillions online is to choose the systematic forms. This gameplay option improves your odds of winning by allowing you to play all the possible combinations of 6 to 10 numbers. With these additional numbers, you have more chances of scoring a EuroMillions prize, including the huge jackpot of up to €240 Million.

Can I Buy EuroMillions Tickets from Kenya?

Can I Buy EuroMillions Tickets from Kenya?

Of course you can buy lottery tickets for Austria EuroMillions from Kenya. You can also go for the other famous pan-European lottery, the EuroJackpot. When you play online on theLotter Kenya, our local representatives buy official tickets, in Austria, on your behalf. Then you receive the scanned version of the tickets bought, in your personal theLotter Kenya account, which makes you the sole owner of the lotto ticket.

EuroMillions includes nine countries France, the UK, Belgium, Spain, Luxembourg, Portugal, Ireland Switzerland, and Austria. Tickets for this pan-European lottery can be legally purchased in one of the nine participating countries. For instance, you can also try playing Spain EuroMillions online.

When Are the Austria EuroMillions Draws?

When Are the Austria EuroMillions Draws?

The Austria EuroMillions lottery draws take place bi-weekly: on Tuesday and Friday, at 20:30 CET. This means the EuroMillions draw time in Kenya is 18:30, so two hours ahead. To stay updated with the latest lotto results, you should subscribe to our free results alert and you will receive notifications through e-mail or SMS. Another option is to regularly check our Austria EuroMillions results page.

If you want to submit your tickets to successive Austria EuroMillions draws, you can always opt for the Multi-Draw package which allows you to enter the game for a maximum of 52 draws. This feature comes with a 25% discount. To make sure you never miss a draw you can subscribe to Austria EuroMillion which comes with every 7th ticket for free.

The Amazing EuroMillions SuperDraws

Can I Participate to EuroMillions SuperDraws?

Yes! The EuroMillions lottery holds some amazing events called SuperDraws. They come with a minimum guaranteed jackpot of €100 Million! The play format for this special event is the same as the regular EuroMillions draws (5+2). The Jackpot can reach it's maximum cap of €240 Million, and will remain for 5 consecutive draws. If it is still not won after that, it will be split between the winners of the next category of prize.

The last EuroMillions SuperDraw started on December 2, 2022 with a starting jackpot of €130 Million! It was scooped by a group of players from Belgium on December 6, 2022 as it had reached the amazing amount of 142.8 Million. Winning numbers: 12-20-25-26-27 with Lucky Stars 08 & 12. You could try your luck in the next EuroMillions SuperDraws.

All About the Austria EuroMillions Jackpot

What Is There To Know About Austria EuroMillions Jackpot?

An important thing to remember is that the EuroMillions jackpot can grow up to €240 Million, as this lottery has a cap for its first prize. Unlike other major lotteries like the US Powerball or Mega Millions, the Austria EuroMillions has a jackpot, so if you match all the five main numbers and the two Lucky Stars, you will win a maximum of €240 Million.

The highest jackpot to date was scooped on July 19, 2022. A player from UK scooped no less than €230 Million allowing the maximum cap to increase to €240 Million!!!  You should definitely try your luck by playing the Austria EuroMillions online from Kenya on

Improve Your Odds of Winning the Austria EuroMillions

How to Improve Your Odds of Winning the Austria EuroMillions?

When playing Austria EuroMillions on theLotter Kenya, you benefit from a series of odds-boosting features. Syndicates offer you the opportunity of having more entries in a draw, for a fraction of the cost. With a syndicate, you purchase shares in a selection of lines and if your syndicate wins a prize the winnings will be split with the other members of your group.

The Bundles feature give you the chance to play with your favourite numbers on a personal ticket and join a syndicate at the same time. This means you will significantly improve your overall winning odds. You can discover more information on how Bundles work.

Play Österreich Bonus Raffle

How to Play Österreich Bonus Raffle in EuroMillions?

Different countries from the EuroMillions family offer their own raffles. The Österreich Bonus raffle is held by Austria EuroMillions and by playing this lotto game you automatically enter the raffle draw. After each draw of the week, you should check the code printed on your ticket to see if you won the amazing €100,000 prize. Don't miss your chance!

The Österreich Bonus is not the only EuroMillions raffle. To improve your chances, you should also try the Spanish El Million which offers a €1 million prize. By purchasing lottery tickets for this game online on theLotter Kenya you get to participate in the Spanish raffle.

Les gagnants de l’EuroMillions Autriche sur theLotter Kenya

EuroMillions Austria Info

Last EuroMillions SuperDraw: A starting jackpot of €130 Million was offered on December 2, 2022. It was scooped by a syndicate of 165 players from Belgium after a single rollover, on December 6, 2022.

The third Super Draw of 2022 started on September 9, 2022 with a guaranteed minimum jackpot of €130 Million and brought a new EuroMillions jackpot winner: a player from UK scooped 193 Million on September 23!

On July 19, 2022, a player from UK, scooped the second EuroMillions Super Jackpot of the year: €230 Million! This is a new EuroMillions record jackpot.