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how to play Chile Clasico Loto Online

How to Play Chile Clasico Loto Online?

To play Chile Clasico Loto online choose 6 numbers out of 41 in the grid above and hit play. The entire process only takes 2 minutes and you can do it on the go, on your computer, tablet or even phone! When you get your lottery tickets online, you have two options: select your lucky numbers yourself or opt for the Quick Pick option. This feature randomly generates numbers for your ticket.

After you confirm your purchase on theLotter Kenya, our local agents go out and buy official tickets, on your behalf. You then receive the scanned copies in your personal account.theLotter Kenya is a safe platform. You have a few options when you play online: go for a standard one-time entry or choose a Subscription or Multi-Draw option . Both of these features allow you to participate in multiple successive draws, and they both bring you significant discounts (every 7th ticket for free with a Subscription and up to 25% with the Multi-Draw).

play Chile Clasico Loto online from Kenya

Can I Play the Chile Clasico Loto from Kenya?

Of course, you can! Chile Clasico is offered locally in Chile, but the tickets can be purchased online by everyone of legal age. You can discover more about How It Works when you play online with theLotter Kenya and get the answers to all your questions.

You will be happy to know that a player from Kenya already won big on our platform! His story can only prove to you that any lottery odds can be beaten, be it Chile Clasico or the odds of winning Powerball! You should keep in mind that you can purchase your tickets a few hours before the official draws take place, so make sure that you don’t wait for the last minute to get your lotto entries.

Chile Clasico Loto Draws

When Are the Chile Clasico Loto Draws?

This Chilean lottery holds the draws three times a week: on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday at 21:00 (local Chilean time) . This means 5 hours ahead in Kenya, so 15:00 p.m. on the same days. You can watch the draws live, online, or you can check our page dedicated to the Chile Clasico Loto results.

We update the winning numbers of the latest draw, as well as numerous other previous draws. You can also check the value of the prizes in each draw and the payout per winner on the same results page. We recommend taking the time to check lottery results, since it can help you establish a successful lottery strategy based on hot and cold numbers.

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What Should I know About the Chile Clasico Loto Jackpot?

Clasico Loto is Chile’s leading lottery and for good reasons! You win the jackpot when you match all 6 numbers and this could be a significant win since the starting point is 250 Million Chilean Pesos! Chile Clasico Loto awarded its biggest jackpot ever on February 5, 2019. After an incredible streak of 43 rollovers, the jackpot reached to an incredible amount: 10,66 Billion Chilean Pesos, which is worth approximately $16,3 Million ! The prize was shared by 5 lucky players, each of them ending up with more than 2,1 Billion Chilean Pesos.

During the official draws, a bonus number is extracted from the same barrel as the six main balls. This additional ball is used to determine the winners of some of the seven secondary prize categories (the 2nd, the 4th, the 6th, and the 8th). The fact that there are so many secondary prizes you could win offers you all the motivation you need to start playing this cool lottery!