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Play Germany Lotto Online

 How to play Germany Lotto

How to Play Germany Lotto?

To play the German Lottery you have to select 6 main numbers from a range of 1 to 49 and 1 bonus number, called the Super Number. The additional number is chosen from a smaller guess range of 0 to 9.

When are the draws of the German Lotto? The Germany Lotto organizes two draws per week, on Wednesday at 17:00 GMT and Saturdays at 18:00 GMT, which means on Wednesday at 18:00 and Saturday at 19:00 Kenya time. When you play the German Lottery on theLotter Kenya, you could win some amazing prizes, as you will be the sole owner of the official tickets.

 Can I play Germany Lotto from Kenya

Can I Play Germany Lotto from Kenya?

You certainly can! It is both simple and convenient to play Germany Lotto online from Kenya by using our online platform: You just need to set up your account and then you can buy official German Lotto tickets straight from home. Not only that, but you can also play other lotteries, such as the pan-European EuroJackpot. The entire process is a breeze and it only involves a few clicks. Our long list of lottery winners and their success stories show you that theLotter is a safe platform created especially for you to enjoy lottery games from Kenya directly.

When you finish a ticket purchase online, our local agents go out and buy official lottery tickets, for you. All lottery tickets are purchased from reputed and authorised retailers, so you don’t need to worry about a thing. You can also check the tickets in your personal account, as we send you the scanned versions before the draws take place. You will notice that each ticket comes with a unique code that makes you the sole owner of the respective lines and, therefore, of the winnings they may bring!

 Boost your German Lotto prizes

How to Boost Your Prizes with the German Lotto’s Super Number?

It is important to know that this European lottery offers a two-tiered prize structure that affects the value of your prizes. If you get the Super Number your prize will be multiplied by 2 to 10 times!

The Super Number affects the jackpot, the 3rd, 5th, and 7th prize divisions, and you can even transform two main numbers into a win if you match 2 main numbers plus the Super Number! With such incredible features, you can’t miss the chance to playing German Lotto online ontheLotter Kenya.

 Germany Lotto Prize Divisions

Which Are Germany Lotto's Prize Divisions?

The German Lottery offers its players a total of 9 prize divisions. The first prize goes to players who manage to guess the 6 main numbers and the additional Super Number. The jackpot starts at €1,000,000, and then grows with every rollover when the main prize is not won, until it reaches €45 Million. If it isn't won once it achieved this amount, the jackpot amount is automatically distributed to the following draw. Then, if there is a jackpot winner, they will be paid as usual, if not, the whole amount will be transferred to the second prize.

The record jackpot currently stands at €45.5 Million which has been won in 2007. Good to know: ticket holders who match the 6 main numbers, but not the Super Number, qualify for the second prize division, that can get you hundreds of thousands, or even millions!

 Benefits of Playing Germany Lotto online

What Are the Benefits of Playing Germany Lotto Online?

With theLotter Kenya you can play the Germany Lotto online from home by accessing our safe & secure platform. You don’t need to travel to Germany to buy the tickets in person, youc an play and even win from Kenya. You should know that there are some other attractive features that come with discounts and special offers when you play the lottery online.

The Multi-Draw is a convenient way to ensure you never miss a German Lotto draw. With this feature, you can decide on how many successive draws you want to subscribe to, from 5 to 52. This feature comes with up to 25% discounts. Purchasing a subscription on theLotter Kenya brings every 7th ticket for free!

 How to Win the German Lotto Jackpot

How to Win the German Lotto Jackpot?

theLotter allows you to buy Germany Lotto tickets online from anywhere in the world. On our platform you can also get access to many other lotteries and possibly win some amazing prizes. To get the Germany Lotto jackpot starting at €1,000,000, you have to match the 6 main numbers and the Super Number.

To improve your odds of winning, you should take advantage of the features available on theLotter Kenya. With Syndicates you get to buy more tickets by splitting the price with other lotto players, meaning that you get a better chance of matching the winning numbers. Bundle packages also improve your chances by mixing one individual entry with a set of syndicate tickets!