How Much Does a Mega Millions Ticket Cost?

⚪ A Mega Millions ticket costs $2 for each line you play. If you want to add the Megaplier, you need to add one more dollar per line to your ticket. This is the official price you will pay if you buy your ticket locally, in the United States. However, there are solutions to play this lottery even if you don’t have the time or the resources to travel from Kenya to the US.

🔵You can just get your Mega Millions tickets online as to not have to spend so much money on airfare and accommodation. The Mega Millions ticket price when you buy your lottery ticket online is a bit higher than the standard price when getting a ticket in the US as it includes purchase and processing expenses. All in all, even with the additional fees, it still saves you the expenses of traveling from Kenya to America.

🔴Check out our breakdown of the final price of the Mega Millions ticket to see what you pay when you buy tickets both locally and online. Take the time to check this article periodically to get updates on the available discounts you shouldn’t miss.

How Much Does an Official Mega Millions Ticket Cost in the US?

The lowest price you could pay for a Mega Millions entry is $2, but this is only available for people who purchase their ticket locally in the United States. The price then varies depending on the total number of lines and raffles you want to buy, with the $2 being just the starting point.

Price for line: Since a single line is worth $2 (about 220 Kenyan Shilling), for two lines, you will pay $4 USD, and so on.
Price for draws: If you want to participate with a line in two different draws (draw date: Tuesday & Friday), you will pay $4. This means that three raffles would cost you $6, four would be $8, and so on depending on how many you want to play.
Cost with Megaplier: The Megaplier is an optional add on, so it’s your choice if you want to add it or not. To add this multiplier to your ticket, you will pay one dollar more. This is a popular feature offered by other lotteries as well, the best known being the Powerball’s Powerplay.

Please remember that this standard price does not include the expenses of airfare, accommodation and additional costs of a trip to the United States!

It is possible to play and win popular American lotteries like Mega Millions or US Powerball. But to achieve this, you will need to invest a lot of money on travel expenses, paying for accommodation and covering the other fees while there.

What’s more, in this case, you would need to wait on the territory of the States to see if you are one of the lottery winners, as you will be required to claim your prize locally. This obviously translates to more money spent!

As you can see, playing online on theLotter Kenya is much more affordable and practical as you can buy official lotto tickets from home. In the end, your Mega Millions ticket will cost you less than purchasing it in person. Below you can see exactly how much you will pay for playing this lottery online.

How Much Does a Mega Millions Ticket Cost on theLotter Kenya?

Mega Millions ticket

If you purchase Mega Millions tickets on theLotter Kenya, you will have to pay around $5 (around 551 Kenyan Schilling), and you need to play a minimum of 3 lines in a raffle. If you add the optional Megaplier feature, you will need to add $2.5, per line.

Please keep in mind that these are estimated values, because you can save a lot on ticket purchases when there are discounts offered online. Also, the prices in Kenyan currency may vary according to the exchange rate of the US dollar.

The Mega Millions offers we have for our players:

  • Syndicates: You get to play more lottery tickets by sharing the cost with other lotto players. By joining a Mega Millions syndicate, you boost your odds of winning Mega Millions and get to share the experience with other lotto fans.

  • Bundles: Bundle packages give you the chance to get the best of both worlds: group play and individual play. You will participate with one individual ticket and a series of tickets shared with the other players in your group.

  • VIP Points: You earn VIP points every time you play online and you can use them to get discounts when buying your lottery tickets.

  • Multi-Draws: If you decide to play consecutive draws with this option, you get great discounts of up to 25% of the total cost for 52 draws.

  • Subscriptions: Every 7th ticket comes free of charge while also earning VIP tickets.

  • Promotions: We periodically offer various promotions and discounts on theLotter Kenya, so make sure to stay updated!

Why Is There a Difference Between the Official Mega Millions Ticket Cost and the Online Cost?

You probably noticed by now that the cost of Mega Millions on our platform is higher than the official one, and you may want to know why. We will offer you all the details below so you can see why there is a price difference. Please remember that we never charge any commissions on your lottery winnings, our fees are already included in the ticket price.

Breakdown of the Mega Millions ticket price

Official Ticket Purchase Price ($2/line)

+ Staff expenses

+ Logistic expenses

+ Processing expenses

+ Maintenance and security

- Discounts

= Online price

We would love to be able to sell Mega Millions entries at the official price, but we need to cover additional expenses in order to continue offering our services to players from all over the world. This is why tickets sold online retail for a slightly higher price.

Is the Cost Difference Worth It for Players?

Mega Millions Winner

We truly believe that playing world lotteries online is much more advantageous than travelling around the globe to purchase tickets yourself. As a result, even if a single ticket bought online costs more than the official one, in the long run, you will notice the financial advantages of playing your favourite lotteries from home directly.

Our winners and their inspiring stories show you that this small investment is worth it, especially considering that it can get you some mouth-watering Mega Millions prizes. Take Nataliia from Ukraine as an example, she invested in a subscription on theLotter and she ended up winning $1 Million in Mega Millions. If this isn’t a great investment, we don’t know what is!

Our Hall of Fame of lottery winners proves that a minimal investment is needed for you to get a shot at winning a major, life-changing lottery prize. Since so many other people have already won, there is no reason for you not to follow in their footsteps!

Changes to the Mega Millions Price

Since being launched in 1996, when it was known as “Big Game” until 2017, the cost of a Mega Millions ticket has been $1. A change in price came in October 2007, when it increased to $2 per entry, a change generated by the stock market.

  • From 1996 to 2017: $1/line

  • Currently: $2/line

Since first being introduced in 2011, the Megaplier always retailed for $1 per line. You can learn more about the evolution of this lottery with our Mega Millions guide.

What do you think about the Mega Millions ticket cost?

Do you think it is affordable or expensive? All of us at theLotter Kenya strive to offer you high-quality services, and maintain the difference between the price of locally purchased tickets and those bought on our platform as low as possible. What’s more, we are certain that your small investment is worth it as you could win the jackpot that reaches staggering amounts.

You should also know that we offer you the possibility of playing many other international lotteries which come with smaller prizes. Take your time to review your options and choose the best option for you and start playing the lotto from the comfort of your home. Good luck!