Participate to the Loteria de Navidad 2022

The next draw of the Loteria de Navidad will take place on December 22, 2022. Tickets are now available, you can participate from here directly on theLotter Kenya.

To enter this most amazing raffle, all you will have to do will be to choose whether you want a single share or more from the official list. The prize-pool is generally reaching around €2.52 Billion!

Loteria de Navidad in 1 minute:

  • The Loteria de Navidad has the largest prize pool in the lottery market, worldwide!

  • Every year, the Loteria de Navidad pulls outs 100,000 available raffle numbers with a 5-digit code (from 00000 to 99999).

  • Generally, we see 180 official prints of each Loteria de Navidad’s ticket (however, there were 172 official prints in 2020).

  • Each ticket offers a total of 10 shares.

  • 100,000 tickets x 180 copies/ ticket x 10 shares/ copy = 180 million shares available for purchase (172 million shares in 2020!)

  • You have a chance in 100,000 to win a portion of the €4 Million jackpot.

  • Overall, there are 178 jackpot winning tickets (172 tickets in 2020)

  • You have a chance in 10 to win Loteria de Navidad's last prize.

Can I Participate to the Loteria de Navidad from Kenya?

Yes! The good news is that you can participate to the great Loteria de Navidad from Kenya directly! You may wonder how: by buying your shares on theLotter Kenya, safe platform for lotteries online. Moreover, if you purchase 2 shares or more, you will get a 10% discount.

Once you bought your shares online on theLotter Kenya, you become the official owner of these shares. You will be able to see scanned copies of these shares on your private theLotter account before the draw takes place. theLotter Kenya is not the only Spanish game you can try on theLotter Kenya: you can try your luck at La Primitiva’s regular draws, or even at the New Year’s draw El Nino.

Will I Receive My Loteria de Navidad Prize(s) on theLotter Kenya?

Of course! If you choose to participate to Loteria de Navidad’s famous raffle on theLotter Kenya, know that you are the sole owner of the raffles shares you purchase. This means that you are also the sole owner of the prizes they may bring! Moreover, you won’t have to pay any additional taxes to theLotter once you win.

Come check the results on or choose to be notified via our Free Alerts Service, by email or SMS. Don’t worry, if you purchase shares through our platform, we will let you know of any winnings!

Loteria de Navidad’s Famous Commercials

As mentioned aboved, the Loteria de Navidad is full of tradition. One of the aspect of these traditions is the worldwide famous commercials that Loteria de Navidad creates every year. They are short movies usually very heartening and sweet.

For instance, “Justino” which was Loteria de Navidad’s add of 2015 was a 3.5-minute-long animation movie that was so spectacular that it got no less than 2 Millions views on Youtube, in only 2 days! The story was all about selflessness & friendship featuring the main values of the Loteria de Navidad’s tradition.

The whole population of Spain (and not only) is impatiently waiting for the end of the year to come as to see what new commercial did the Loteria de Navidad come up with. They are extremely popular and gain in popularity even more so every year.

Fun Details on the Loteria de Navidad

  • Close to 98% of Spain’s population participates to the Loteria de Navidad.

  • Loteria de Navidad’s nicknames include the Christmas Spanish Raffle and “El Gordo” (The Fat One - due to its giant prize pools).

  • The 1st draw of the Loteria de Navidad took place in 1812 – therefore, this is one of the oldest lotteries in the world!

  • When Spain’s currency changed from Pesetas to Euros, the duration of the results ceremony (live on tv) was reduced – this is because the word “euros” takes less time to sing than the word “pesetas”.

Loteria de Navidad’s Online Tickets

One of the most awaited events in the lottery world happens in Spain, around Christmas. It is the Loteria de Navidad or Spanish Christmas Raffle. You can now participate online on theLotter Kenya. It is more than a lottery, it is a whole tradition in Spain!

Every year, this event is expected by 98% of Spain’s population. This is why Loteria de Navidad’s officials make efforts to make this event even better year after year. Every year, a new template is created for the ticket that honors Spain’s mesmerizing cultural heritage. Generally, Loteria de Navidad’s tickets include a digital print of some of the greatest paintings in Spanish history. 

The Loteria de Navidad's ticket 2022 will feature "La Virgen con el Niño en la Gloria" by Carlo Maratta . It is part of the Spanish Royal Collection at the National Museum of Madrid

Of course, Loteria de Navidad is not the only Spanish lottery experience you can get, you could try your luck at the Loteria Nacional for instance (available on theLotter Kenya).