All About Powerball Odds

The US Powerball is the biggest lottery in America and the most popular in the world as it offers the highest prizes in the market. With millions of players who compete for the huge Powerball prizes, what are your actual odds of winning the huge jackpot when playing Powerball from Kenya?

Below, you will see a complete analysis with statistics and lottery comparisons included.

1. Odds of Winning

4. Play Powerball Against All Odds

2. US Powerball vs Other Lotteries

5. Winning is Possible! Proof

3. US Powerball vs Mega Millions

6. Trick to Winning Powerball

What Are the Odds of Winning the Powerball?

To fully understand your odds of winning at the Powerball, let’s take a look at the statistics behind this lotto game. The one in 292,201,338 chance of taking home the jackpot may seem impossible to beat, but it was done before so you can do it, as well! See all about the US Powerball odds in our extensive table:

Winning Requirements Prize Odds of Winning

5 Numbers + PB


1 in 292, 201, 338

5 Numbers


1 in 11,688,053

4 Numbers + PB


1 in 913,129

4 Numbers


1 in 36,525

3 Numbers + PB


1 in 14,494

3 Numbers


1 in 579

2 Numbers + PB


1 in 701

1 Number + PB


1 in 91



1 in 38

When you see the statistics, it seems like the Powerball odds are impossible to beat. That is because you have nothing to compare them with and get some perspective on the data. Also, when checking out the chart, you most likely concentrate on the odds of winning the Powerball lottery jackpot, and probably not so much on the secondary prize divisions.

Of course, everybody dreams of winning the jackpot, but secondary prizes in this game are large enough to change your life completely, so you should take them into account as well. As you get further down the table, you will see that the Powerball prizes get smaller, but your winning odds increase significantly. Wouldn’t a $1 Million prize or even a $50,000 win be worth your minimal investment? Learn more about this major lottery with our extensive Powerball guide.

analyzing Powerball odds

How Do US Powerball Odds Compare to Other Lotteries?

Are you trying to find out which lottery has the best odds? The table below includes the world’s biggest lotteries, their record-breaking jackpots, and the chances of winning each of them. They are listed based on the winning odds, and, as you can see, at the top of the list are the Powerball and the Mega Millions.



US Mega Millions
Winning Odds

1 in 302,575,350

Play Mega Millions

Jackpot Record

$1.53 Billion

Jackpot Winning

5 Numbers + Mega Ball

US Powerball
Winning Odds

1 in 292,201,338

Play Powerball

Jackpot Record


Jackpot Winning

5 Numbers + PowerBall

Winning Odds

1 in 139,838,160

Play EuroMillions

Jackpot Record

€200 Million

Jackpot Winning

5 Numbers + 2 Lucky Stars

Winning Odds

1 in 95,344,200

Play EuroJackpot

Jackpot Record

€90 Million

Jackpot Winning

5 Numbers + 2 Euro Numbers

Australia Saturday Lotto
Winning Odds

1 in 8,145,060

Play Australia Saturday Lotto

Jackpot Record

AUD33 Million

Jackpot Winning

6 Numbers

Take the time to carefully analyze this table, and you will see that the current Powerball record of a whopping $2.04 Billion is higher than the $1.53 Billion offered by Mega Millions. If you take a look at the winning odds for the main prizes, you will see that the Mega Millions is harder to win than the Powerball.

As you look further down the list, your chances of winning become more and more achievable, but the winnings significantly decrease. Additionally, all the odds presented in this table are difficult to beat, so you should test your luck by going for the big prizes offered by the major lotteries! You don’t have anything to lose, right?

winning the Powerball

So, Which Lottery Game Has the Best Odds of Winning Between the US Powerball & the Mega Millions?

As you can see in the table above, the Powerball definitely has the best odds with a chance in 292,201,338 to scoop the jackpot, while you have a chance in 302,575,350 to scoop the Mega Millions jackpot.

Why Should You Play Powerball Against All Odds?

There are plenty of reasons why Powerball became the most popular lottery in the entire world. With their amazing jackpots and secondary prize categories, as well as the excitement each draw creates, Powerball managed to create an army of lotto players who participate in each draw. Below you can see why you should join them, and why Powerball is worth your time and money:

1. US Powerball Offers the Biggest Jackpots

The Powerball jackpot starts at $20 Million, which is the largest starting first prize in the lottery market, a title shared with US Mega Millions. The fact that the US Powerball doesn’t have a cap allows the jackpot to grow to ground-breaking amounts. The $2.04 Billion jackpot is the guarantee that the Powerball is in a league of its own, among the most popular American lotteries

2. Even Secondary Prizes Are Worth Your Time

Although the Powerball jackpot is what attracts the most attention, the secondary prize categories are also worth your time. As the second prize is $1 Million and the third is $50,000, we truly believe that you should target them as well.

3. The PowerPlay Multiplier Can Significantly Boost Secondary Prizes

US Powerball offers an amazing multiplier, which can multiply all secondary prizes 2, 3, 4, 5 or even 10 times. With a small investment, the Power Play can boost a $1 Million win to 2, 3, up to $10 Million! That’s an opportunity you can’t miss!

Winning the Powerball is Possible! Here’s the Proof!

Powerball can be won, and the proof is that so many people have managed to do it already. If people beat the seemingly unbeatable Powerball odds, there is no reason for you not to do the same. We have plenty of success stories here on theLotter! Read about our Powerball winners and their stories to find some inspiration! There is also one Kenyan who won a good prize with this lottery by playing online.

1. G. From Australia - October 2016

We refer to G. as our own Wonder from Down Under as he was not scared to try his luck with the Powerball, and he managed to beat the odds. His perseverance paid off eventually when he won $1 Million. G.’s story proves that if you have faith and believe in yourself, you will eventually get lucky!

2. P. from Canada - February 2016

P. from Quebec started playing on our platform in January 2016 when the record-breaking $1.58 Billion US Powerball jackpot was up. In only two months he got his own Powerball lottery fortune of $1 Million! As you can see, you never know when luck strikes, so keep playing for a win to take home a life-changing prize.

3. H. from El Salvador -January 2016

Back in January 2016, every lottery player was dreaming of taking home the record $1.58 Billion Powerball prize. H. is a player from El Salvador, who submitted his ticket for the historic draw on theLotter Kenya, and although he didn’t win the jackpot, he managed to scoop $1 Million in this major lottery!

4. B.U. from the UK - March 2012

B.U. also managed to win big in March 2012 when Mega Millions took the lottery jackpots to new heights by offering a $656 Million main prize. He wasn’t lucky in this draw, but he eventually started playing Powerball and scored a $1 Million prize.

So, What Is the Trick to Winning the Powerball?

There are no real tricks to winning the US Powerball, however here are our top 5 tips to increase your odds of winning at the Powerball lottery:

  • Play – without playing, you will never be able to win, so get your ticket!

  • Play regularly – the more you play, the more you increase your odds! On theLotter Kenya, you can directly subscribe to your favorite lotteries!

  • Buy more tickets in a draw – more tickets = more chances!

  • Try playing in a syndicate – you reduce the cost of tickets while entering with more tickets! !

  • And… Trust your luck! Robert Bailey played for 25 years before he won $768 Million & became one of the biggest Powerball winners ever!

As you have probably realized, submitting your tickets to the US Powerball for a chance to score amazing prizes is worth your time! Don’t get scared by the high Powerball winning odds! Play US Powerball online with theLotter Kenya because you can’t miss a chance to become a millionaire or even billionaire! Good luck!