How Much is a Powerball Ticket?

Our comprehensive Powerball ticket cost guide shows you not only the price of US Powerball tickets but also how to save money when playing Powerball online and make the best of your buck. With our ticket cost breakdown, you will also see where your Powerball money is really going! Keep reading to find out what happens with your Powerball investment and if it is worth your time.

How Much Does a Powerball Ticket Cost?

Since the lottery’s launch in 2002 until 2012, the standard Powerball ticket retailed for $1. People who wanted to include de Power Play option needed to pay  an extra $1, totaling therefore $2. The format changes of 2012 resulted in an increase of $1 in the ticket price.

A Powerball ticket now costs $2.

This also increased the Powerball ticket cost from $2 to $3 with the Power Play feature. The purpose was to differentiate Powerball from their competitor, Mega Millions and to increase the main jackpot value and secondary prizes.

What are the factors that raise the price of your Powerball tickets when you don’t go for the standard entry?

  • Total number of lines played - The price of your ticket will obviously increase depending on how many lines you add to your ticket. However, the fact that it will significantly boost your chances of winning makes this investment worth it.

  • Power Play option added - Adding the Powerball feature which costs an extra $1 will not boost your winning odds, but it can increase the value of your secondary prize winnings, by up to 10 times!

  • Travel expenses to the United States - Technically, you need to travel to the United States to play this major lottery, as the official tickets can only be purchased on the American territory, and should not leave the States to be valid (Learn more in our Powerball Guide). Of course, it is counterintuitive to pay hundreds of dollars on your flight to go buy a $2 lottery ticket, so you will be happy to know that there are options to buy your lottery ticket online.

What Happens with the Money of Your Powerball Ticket?

Do you want to know where your money is going when you buy Powerball tickets? Everybody knows that a percentage goes into the jackpot of the next draw, but how about the rest of the amount you pay? Half of the funds go to the prize pool (both for the jackpot and the secondary prize divisions), and a mere 10% gets split between State lottery administration fees and the commission for the lotto retailer who sold the winning tickets.

The rest of the ticket price goes to state governments to pay for draw-related expenses. Everything else that is left is directed towards social and economic programs to benefit the citizens of the respective state.

Powerball money use

How Much is a Powerball Ticket Online?

If you're not in the United States but still want to play Powerball, you can do it online! If you choose to play online with theLotter Kenya, you can buy US Powerball tickets using the standard format, only you will pay a little more. Why?

In addition to the ticket, you are also paying for the ticket messenger service, transfer and claiming of prospective wins, as well as the administration costs. When you purchase your tickets online, a company representative goes to an authorized retailer, in the United States, to buy the official tickets, on your behalf.

The ticket is then scanned and sent to your personal account before the draw takes place. It includes the date, time, place of purchase, and a unique serial number which guarantees that you are the sole legal owner of the respective ticket. The physical ticket is stored in a safe until the draw. This makes theLotter Kenya a safe and secure platform!

Time for action

Another important factor to take into account is your location. If you want to play US Powerball, you need to be in the United States to be able to physically purchase a ticket. If you don’t want to invest in airfare and accommodation for such a trip, you should simply play online on theLotter Kenya. With this lottery messenger service, you will save thousands of dollars on your tickets, as you can purchase your tickets from the comfort of your home. Our service aims to offer people the chance of playing international lotteries at a fair price, regardless of where they’re located.

Our Hall of Fame of Winners who won with theLotter proves that the investment is worth it. For example, H. from El Salvador and G. from Australia both won $1 Million playing US Powerball through theLotter Kenya. We’re sure they were happy with their investment when they became millionaires!

Do You Have to Buy a New Powerball Ticket After Each Draw?

Choosing to purchase your tickets online comes with certain advantages. You will never have to worry about missing a draw because you can buy Powerball tickets in advance for successive draws. Additionally, theLotter Kenya offers you significant discounts with every type of feature, so even if you choose to subscribe or to go for Multi-Draws, you will get a special offer.

  • Subscriptions allow you to participate in as many successive draws as you like and buy your tickets in advance. Purchasing a subscription at theLotter Kenya comes with every 7th ticket 100% free of charge, so you get to save money while playing your favorite lottery game!

  • The Multi-Draw is another great way to lower your investment while playing Powerball online. Multi-Draw packages allow you to play 5, 10, 25 or 52 consecutive draws and you can save up to 25% of the regular price! You can mix them with your favorite gameplay style such as personal entries, syndicates or bundles.

Playing Options to Save Money on Your Powerball Play

In case you are not sure about investing in a subscription or multi-draw, there are other options available to you. Playing Powerball with a syndicate or a bundle package offers you better odds of winning at an affordable price. These play options let you participate with hundreds of lines at a reduced price. Below you can see how these features work and what advantages they bring.

Playing Powerball

Playing Powerball in a syndicate allows you to play hundreds of lines without paying for all the lottery tickets yourself. Becoming part of a syndicate means that you share the cost of the tickets with other lotto players. In case a ticket wins, you receive a share of the prize winnings, so you save money while increasing your winning odds.

Choosing a syndicate paid off for 55 players who played Powerball on our platform in 2017. They had 2 lines which won $50,000 and 63 that won $100 each. In the end, the total prize amount of $106,000 was shared between the members of the syndicate, which each of them receiving nearly $2,000.

Another option you should know about is the bundle package. Powerball Bundles mix the best of both worlds! With a bundle package, you play with a single personal entry for and a big number of syndicate entries shared with other lottery players. This feature also comes with significant discounts so you can save up to 10% of the Powerball original price.

As you can see, playing Powerball online is totally worth it. For a small difference in price compared to buying your ticket directly from retailers, you get many advantages and special discounts. We consider that choosing this method of playing Powerball, as well as other major lotteries is worth every penny!