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Lottery Raffles

Meet the best lottery raffles in the world on theLotter Kenya! Come pick your favorite raffle and start playing. You will have to decide on how many shares you want to purchase before confirming but know that when you buy more shares, you receive a discount on!

Once you are done playing, check all the raffle results on our platform: if the numbers match the ones you chose, you become a winner! Win big by playing lottery raffles online!

What are lottery raffles?

Lottery raffles are gambling competitions in which players buy tickets with preset numbers. During the draw, only the tickets that were purchased will enter the competition. This means that every draw sees every prize being scooped by one or more players!

How do lottery raffles work?

Lottery raffles are games where players pay for the chance to win a prize. They are similar to lottery games from that perspective but as players are given a pre-printed raffle code, there is ALWAYS a jackpot winner! The draws only include the numbers or codes that correspond to the tickets sold.

How do you participate to lottery raffles online?

To participate to lottery raffles you need to purchase a ticket or share (or more) with a pre-set number or code in function of which lottery raffle you chose to participate to. Then, you simply have to wait to see if your numbers or code match any of the winning ones pulled out during the draw. Good luck!

Why should you play lottery raffles?

Well, the main reason to play lottery raffles is most probably to have fun! But here are a few reasons of why we consider you should try lottery raffles:

  • As we mentioned above, it’s fun!

  • Your odds of winning of prize are often much more interesting than your jackpot odds at most simple lottery games.

  • Every prize offered by a raffle will see a winner!

  • There are usually quite a few prizes you can scoop.

  • You can enter some lottery raffles with full tickets or with shares of these tickets.

Now, we can tell you why you should choose to participate on theLotter Kenya:

  • You can officially & legally enter the biggest lottery raffles in the world!

  • You can benefit from play options that can help increase your odds

  • You will receive free alerts of your wins, by email or SMS

  • theLotter Kenya does not take any commission on winnings!

Convinced? Try your luck at the best lottery raffles the planet has to offer!

How to increase your odds of winning at a lottery raffle?

There isn’t much you can do to increase your odds of winning at a lottery raffle except get more tickets/ shares. Simply put: if there are 100 raffle tickets in the game and you buy one, you get a 1% chance of winning, but if you buy 10, you will get a 10% chance of winning.

How are lottery raffles different from lottery games?

There is one main difference between lottery raffles and lottery games: raffles always create a winner of every category (the winning combination is selected between the existing combinations that were purchased) while a lottery may not see a jackpot winner every time (the combination of random numbers may not have been selected).

However, let’s recapitulate the main differences between lottery raffles and lottery games:

  • You can select your favorite numbers when getting your lottery ticket, but lottery raffles will offer you pre-printed codes on the tickets.

  • Raffles ALWAYS see a winner of the top prize which isn’t always the case with lottery games.

  • When you enter a lottery raffle, you know in advance how many winning tickets there will be while lottery games are totally random!

  • Lottery raffles offer a limited number of available tickets while lottery games often have a fluctuating jackpot influenced by the number of sales (infinite). This is, for example, what brings American lotteries to offer jackpots that reach sky-high amounts!

So… Aren’t lottery raffles sounding amazing?! Come try the famous Loteria Nacional Extra with its draws every month that raise money for different charity causes. If you want to try a lottery raffle with a lot of history and tradition, we advise you to try the Loteria de Navidad, Spain’s Christmas raffle. It is quickly followed by another great lottery raffle: the Loteria de Nino (at the beginning of every year) . Try them all and let us know which one brought you the best luck!