Is theLotter Kenya Safe? Yes! Here's How

Playing the lottery online is an available option, regardless of where in the world you live. If you are not familiar with theLotter Kenya, you may have doubts about how legit and legal our platform is. You may even be under the impression that this is a scam. Is theLotter safe? Is this a service you can access from your phone or computer? All these questions will find answers below so that you can put your mind at ease: theLotter is safe, legal and just as good as it seems!

theLotter is a pioneer in online lottery messenger services that takes pride in serving a huge customer base all over the globe. It offers you access to the world’s biggest and most popular lotteries such as the Mega Millions! You just need to sit back, select your favorite lotto game, and test your luck!

1. Is theLotter Legit?

5. Is theLotter Transparent?

2. Is theLotter Safe?

6. Anobody Ever Won?

3. Service Fees

7. Why Choose theLotter?

4. Ticket Visualization

8. How to Withdraw Money?

Is theLotter Legit?

theLotter has been on the market since 2002. We provide an online lottery messenger service, which means we give our customers the ability to buy lottery tickets from the comfort of their homes. We have teams in over 20 local offices worldwide whose job is to purchase official lottery tickets, from authorized retailers, on customers’ behalf.

  • Millions of players have used our service,

  • our secure platform is accessible internationally,

  • we have already paid more than $102 Million in prizes to more than 6 Million winners all around the world.

The fact that our service is convenient & easy to use, but mostly safe & secure, has made us popular in many countries and this is how our impeccable reputation was built.

Is theLotter Safe?

Our main goal is to create and maintain a secure and safe service accessible to every client, regardless of their place of residence. To ensure this, all the personal and payment details our clients share with us are encrypted with Geotrust SSL bit security system. A username and password are needed to access this type of information.

theLotter is safe

All communication established between your preferred browser and our platform is totally secure so you can make deposits and withdrawals without any worry. When you access our website, you will notice the Secure Sockets Layer lock symbol in the address bar at the top of the page. This is yet another proof that theLotter Kenya is safe.

Why Does theLotter Kenya Charge Service Fees?

When you purchase your lottery tickets online you pay the full price of the entries plus a service fee for the online platform. This service fee, which you pay along with your online purchase, is the only revenue of theLotter Kenya as your lottery ticket messenger service.

Our representatives buy lottery tickets on behalf of our clients featuring the exact numbers and lines they choose.

After you are done with your purchase, you don’t have any further costs to pay. If you win a cash prize when you play lotto games on theLotter Kenya, you receive the full amount of your win! We never charge any additional fees on our clients winnings!

Where Can I See My Tickets After a Purchase on theLotter Kenya?

When you complete your ticket purchase on theLotter Kenya one of our local agents buys the official ticket for you. You will then receive a proof of purchase on your account. This virtual ticket will feature the exact same numbers you have selected to play and a unique serial code which is a guarantee of its authenticity.

We are committed to delivering the tickets to your account before the draws take place. Although we don’t send the tickets via email, the proof of purchase and the legal agreement, are the guarantee you are the sole owner of the tickets! If you have any other questions, please check out our FAQ section for more explanations on how our service works.

Is theLotter Kenya Transparent?

Of course it is! We provide complete information on how theLotter works to make sure you have all the details you need to make an informed decision. Every step of the ticket-purchasing process is presented in detail, so you know everything that happens when you play on our platform.

> Moreover, every transaction you make is saved in your account and you can check it any time you want.

Apart from the extensive FAQ section, on theLotter Kenya you will also find guides on how to play the lottery, tips on improving your winning odds by using the features we offer, as well as many success stories from our players in our Hall of Fame. We take pride in the quality of the services we offer, and that is why transparency is one of our top priorities.

Do I Receive the Full Prize if I Win on theLotter Kenya?

You certainly do! If you win any prize when playing on theLotter Kenya, you get the full amount of your winnings! theLotter Kenya does not take any commission on players’ winnings!

Please keep in mind that your prize will be taxed according to local tax laws of the country where you choose to play. The money you receive is the total amount after taxes have been deducted from the initial amount.

As the prizes are paid by official lottery operators, your prize will be available in your account as soon as the officials credit it for winnings that do not exceed $2,500. For prizes over $2,500 you may have to travel to get your prize in person. However, theLotter Kenya’s team will assist you during the entire process.

Is theLotter Kenya Taking Money from My Prizes?

Absolutely not! As mentioned above, theLotter Kenya’s top priority is to ensure your care-free play experience. First off: you are the sole owner of the tickets purchased on theLotter Kenya so we do not have any claim on your winnings.

Our main goal is to deliver the entire amount of lotto prizes to our clients, in order to maintain our company’s reputation as the best global online lottery ticket purchasing service. Our impressive track record proves that winning players always get their money, and every theLotter review also highlights that it is safe for you to play with us.

Has Anybody Ever Won with theLotter?

Throughout the years, theLotter has delivered millions of dollars in lottery prizes. This proves, beyond a doubt, that theLotter is not a scam. One of our biggest winners is M.M from Iraq who scooped the $6.4 Million Oregon Megabucks jackpot! His success story became so popular that even The New York Times wrote about him!

Our biggest winner ever is A.D. from Panama, who won an amazing $30 Million on our platform. She matched all the winning numbers of the Florida Lotto in 2017 and scooped the jackpot. P. from Quebec is another big winner worth mentionning. He played the US Powerball in 2016. He won the second prize worth $1 Million.

MM winner

Other millionaires on theLotter:

  • B.U. from the UK in 2012,

  • H.V. from El Salvador in 2016,

  • A $1 Million prize for G. in Australia,

  • I.K. received €489,777 when he won the 2nd EuroMillions prize in 2013.

These are just a few of our lucky players and you could certainly join them and become our next success story!

Why Choose theLotter Over Another Platform?

theLotter Kenya is safe, secure and legit, but this is what makes it the best online platform of lottery messengers:

  • Quick and secure purchases

  • Free notifications

  • Assistance during prize-claiming process

  • No commission on lottery winnings

  • Advantageous game options

How to Withdraw My Money on theLotter Kenya if I Win?

Your winnings are available in your account and you can withdraw them any time you want. You can see your balance in your personal theLotter account. You can either use the balance to buy more tickets, or simply withdraw the money via bank transfer or the other payment method listed in the account.

If you are ever credited with bonus money, you can only use it for ticket purchase. This money is available to you for 6 months unless otherwise specified.

We hope that this extensive page has successfully answered your questions and has proved to you that the services offered by theLotter are totally legal and completely safe. In case you need further details feel free to get in touch with our support team. They will be happy to assist you at all times. You can also leave us a comment right below.